Today my local grocery store had a great sale on fruits and vegetables, so I wanted to load up.  Too often I have done this, and the produce ends up going bad.  I also hate that waxy taste and feel apples, pears, and cucumbers often have.  So, here is the solution that solves both problems:

 I came across this idea for washing fruits and vegetables while I was reading about all the uses for vinegar.   Vinegar is one of those wonderful ingredients that does a million different things.  For this particular use, all you need to do is put your fruits and vegetables in a large bowl of warm water along with a cup of vinegar and allow them to soak for about 10 minutes.

Check out how dirty the water was after washing my produce.

Then just rinse the fruits and vegetables in a colander and dry them.

That waxy film is gone, and now my family will be able to enjoy our fruits and vegetables a little bit longer.

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