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Tick-tock! Time is running out to find the perfect gift.  Maybe you've waited because you're a little bit stuck?  Well, I'm here to help if you need a gift for someone in your life who loves to bake.  Cookies, pies, cakes....whatever - these suggestions are for the person who loves to whip up delectable goodies in the kitchen.  I am a semi-professional baker.  I run a cottage law bakery out of my home called Desert Flours Bakery.  I have always LOVED baking ever since I was a little kid.  The items I'm including in this guide to gifts for the baker are all things that I would be happy to receive so I can create more baked goods.

I have four specific bakers in mind that I'm gifting to.  All of my sisters-in-law are pretty amazing in the kitchen.  My sister-in-law Lauren makes a cheesecake that is so good it will make you cry.  Crystal could probably make an old shoe taste like filet mignon.  Jen is a true foodie. And Brittany is the most thoughtful gift-giver ever!  So, my one-stop shop for these lovely ladies?  Cost Plus World Market!  You'll also be able to find amazing gifts under $20 dollars for the baker in your life too.

Let's Go Shopping!

I headed out to my local El Paso Cost Plus World Market to pick out these gifts.  Fortunately for me, my store is right down the street from me.  If you're not sure where the closest Cost Plus World Market is to you, you can find it through their store locator.

First up - anybody who loves to be in the kitchen needs a good apron and pot holders.  I love these ones in barn red.

You know what else comes in a beautiful red?  This Talisman adjustable pie shield .Have you ever noticed an otherwise delicious looking pie having burned edges?  I'm sure your baker hates that!  This will be a welcomed gift for sure.

Close by is this Talisman  Pastry Guide for perfectly circular pie crusts.

Cost Plus World Market has an entire display devoted to holiday baking where you can find a treasure trove of beautiful and practical gifts.  I picked up a batter Bowl, measuring cups, and flour sifter.

On the other side of the holiday baking display I also grabbed a vintage beater and noticed more of the pie shields.

Now for some ingredients!  I chose Sugar Cookie mix, dark chocolate chips, lemon curd, and unsweetened cocoa powder.  Maybe your baker will thank you with some tasty treats.

Can't forget the gift wrap!  Cost Plus World Market has so many fun and festive gift wrap, tags, and baskets to choose from.

So, here's everything that I picked out.  Everything is regularly under $20 anyway, but a lot of them are on sale right now.  You'll be able to mix and match several of these items and still be in our $20 budget.  I'll show you how I put some gift baskets together.

I also wanted to include some printable recipe cards that I created.  I have literally thousands of recipes saved on Pinterest, but there's something special about a handwritten recipe.  Just the other day my mom and I found a handwritten recipe from my grandma that we're planning on baking for Christmas.

Gifts for the Baker Basket Ideas

Here are some ideas on how to put together gift baskets.  First up is using the batter bowl as the basket.  Tuck in the apron with the sugar cookie mix and the measuring cups as well as some of the recipe cards.

The next gift basket idea is all about pie making.  I used a Cost Plus World Market gift basket set which also includes the filler, cellophane bag and tie.  In the basket I fluffed the filler and added the Talisman Pie Shield, Talisman Pastry Guide, pot holder, lemon curd, and my printable recipe cards.  Hopefully a lemon meringue pie is in the near future.

Finally, the last gift basket idea . Again, I used a basket set and followed the same steps of fluffing the filler before adding my items.  This basket got the retro beater, retro flour sifter, unsweetened cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips, and some of my printable recipe cards.  I can't wait for whatever deliciousness comes out of this basket.

I love all of the red on these gift baskets.  I think it makes them perfect for holiday gift giving.  But to make it more festive, I used these adorable gift tags also from Cost Plus World Market.

Like I mentioned, the baskets came with cellophane bags, so I simply placed them in to the bags and added the gift tags.  For the melamine batter bowl I used some cellophane that I already had to wrap it up.


Shop the List!

You could easily find these baking items in your local Cost Plus World Market, but they're also available online.  You may have noticed that I only have 3 baskets.  That's because I can conveniently have gifts for the sister-in-law's who won't be able to join us for Christmas shipped to her and even have it gift-wrapped on the Cost Plus World Market website.  I love modern living!

  1. Talisman Pastry Guide and Cutter
  2. Barn Red Gourmet Classic Grabber
  3. Talisman Adjustable Silicone Pie Crust Shield
  4. Mackay's Lemon Curd
  5. Red and White Retro Flour Sifters 
  6. Guittard Unsweetened Cocoa
  7. Guittard Extra Dark Chocolate Chips
  8. Red and White 4-piece Melamine Measuring Cups
  9. Pelican Bay Vanilla Sugar Cookie Gift Bag
  10. Red Melamine Batter Bowl
  11. Retro Red Beater
  12.  Barn Red Gourmet Apron

Also shown in this post is gift wrap

And don't forget to add my free printable recipe cards to your gift!  Sign up for my email list, and the recipe cards will be sent straight to your inbox.

Well, that's it for this gift guide.  I hope this helps you find  perfect gifts for the baker in your life.

Until next time!

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