When I was in college, my best friend and I went to Sonic almost everyday during happy hour.  Some times twice a day.  They do have wonderful drink combinations 🙂  Anyway, my mom and I have been making pretty frequent trips lately as well.  The drink combination of choice has been their Lemon Berry Iced Tea.  It's delicious! While enjoying a Lemon Berry Iced Tea from Sonic yesterday, I thought to myself - I can make this at home!

Whenever I have  looked through my fridge at home for something to drink, I almost never thought about iced tea until recently.   I have been trying really hard to give up, or at least cut back on my soda consumption, so iced tea has been the main beverage at dinner lately. 

I love the flavor of this iced tea with the lemon and strawberries added.

 To make this Lemon Berry Iced Tea, I started by steeping 3 Lipton Tea Bags in hot water, along with about 1/2 cup of sugar.  I stirred the tea to make sure all of the sugar dissolved.   While the tea was cooling, I slices 1 lemon and about 8 strawberries.  Once the tea was cool enough, I half way filled a pitcher with ice and added the tea.  Then I filled the rest of the pitcher up with water and added the lemon and strawberries.  To really allow the flavors to be powerful in the tea, I put the pitcher in the fridge for an hour before serving.

The tea was super yummy, and pretty close to the Sonic version.  Hope you enjoy!

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