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As you may have noticed, I love to throw custom and unique parties.  So lately, I have been creating a lot of party decorations featuring my own art work.  We have a fun lemonade stand party coming up soon, so I decided to make a piece of lemon tree watercolor art to go on some party printables.

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I have always loved to draw.  When I was a little kid, I could spend hours in my room drawing.  I took a few art classes in high school, and started my college career off as a studio arts major.  While I was in college my favorite art classes were drawing  and painting, where I really fell in love with watercolor art.  After college, I went on to  spend a little under a year working as a professional artist, and had a few of my art pieces hanging up in local galleries.   Both during college and during my time as an artist, I relied heavily on Derwent art supplies.   Since then, Derwent brand has introduced Derwent Academy, a new line of high quality art products that are perfect for artists at all levels of experience.

It's been a few years since I've indulged in my old favorite pastime.  As it turns out, my little boy has amazing artistic ability.  HE can spend hours being entertained by drawing just like I was.  Since it's something that we have in common, and it's a great way to create some unique party decorations, I've pulled out all of my old art supplies and added a few newbies to my collection -  Derwent Academy Colour Pencils, Derwent Academy Sketching Pencils, Derwent Academy Watercolour Pencils, Derwent Academy Twin-Tip Markers, and Derwent Academy Acrylic Paints.

Derwent Academy has  the full range high-quality art products, but my favorite are the Derwent Academy Watercolour Pencils.

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So for this lemon tree watercolor art, I first drew the closeup of my lemon tree with Derwent Academy Watercolour Pencils and then used plain water on a paint brush to turn it into a piece of watercolor art.

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I decided to go one step further when my paper was dry and added some detail to the lemon tree with some Derwent Academy Twin-Tip Makers.   I love that these markers have both a brush tip and a fine tip which allows for lots of flexibility with your artwork.

I find it so fun and relaxing to create a piece of watercolor art that I can then use as party decor.

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And how will I be using this lemon tree watercolor art as party decorations you ask?  I scanned my watercolor painting and uploaded it into a design program.  I'll be making banners, menus, bottle labels, gift tags, and even gift wrap.  Here's a sneak peek:

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I can't wait to put this lemon tree watercolor art into more of the lemonade stand party decor.  Hopefully though, this has inspired you to create your own unique art project using Derwent Academy products.      Make sure to check out the Derwent Academy website and their Instagram, Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and YouTube channel to learn more about these awesome Derwent Academy art products.

Until next time!

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