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Make this matching water tumbler and baby bottle gift set to give to the new mom in your life.

A matching water tumbler and baby bottle gift set

Bottle and Breastfeeding Tips

Among my circle of close friends and family there has been a baby boom over the past year.  We just welcomed our newest addition 2 month ago and couldn't be happier.  But he's not the only new baby.  Three of my friends also just had baby boys, my cousin had a baby boy, and my brother and his wife have a new little girl.  It's baby mania!!!

We're all having those new parent conversations together about breastfeeding tips and which formula is working the best for our little ones.  Drinking enough water seems to be a common concern among all us new moms.  This is my third baby and for sure out of all of the breastfeeding tips out there, I find drinking enough water to be the most important.  At first, my hubby was buying huge cases of individual bottled water to make sure I was drinking enough.  Plus, it's important that babies have purified water for bottle feeding too. But with a growing family, I was finding half drunk water bottles all over my house and a lot of that water was being poured out going to waste.

So, we got a Primo® First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser - problem solved.  For the first time ever, great tasting drinking water and baby formula ready water combine with the Primo First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser.  I ran out and bought a new water tumbler too.  Of course, I love crafting and had to add a vinyl decal saying to it to make it more fun!

Great Gift Idea for New Parents

A great gift to consider for new parents is the Primo First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser.  It's great for breastfeeding moms and for bottle feeding.

Finding out I was getting a Primo First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser was one of those times when adulting hit me hard.  Have you seen those comics about "you know you're an adult when..." and it's things like writing with a nice pen, or going to bed before 9:30pm that get you really excited?  I was slightly concerned over being so ecstatic over a water dispenser.  But as I was telling every new parent I know about my new water dispenser, I realized I was being totally normal.  They got excited about the features too.

First of all, the dispenser provides cold, warm or hot drinking water with the warm option supplying water at 98.6-104o Fahrenheit—specially designed for mixing baby formula.  That means anyone can easily mix up a bottle in no time without worry. Now, new dads can easily help when it's time to feed baby too- win!

The self-sanitizing function boils water in the warm water reservoir to ensure quality.  Of course that's a must for baby, but it gives everyone access to safe, great-tasting Primo water. Options for icy cold and hot water are also part of this station. I like a variety of beverages, so it's nice being able to have a hot cup of decaffeinated tea with practically no prep time.

I also love that the piping-hot water has a child-resistant safety feature.  My little boys are taking more care of themselves these days.  They see that I can't always hop up when they need something if I'm taking care of the baby.  The boys are tucking themselves into bed at night.  They're picking out their own clothes and getting dressed.  And now thanks to our new Primo water dispenser, they can help themselves when they get thirsty.  With the child-resistant safety feature, I don't need to worry that they will accidentally burn themselves.

My older little boys are crazy about their new baby brother.  I can count on them to actually help me with taking care of the little guy.  They both run to the other room if I need a diaper or a burp cloth.  My oldest also loves to help give the baby a bottle.

Primo is the only brand that delivers best in class dispensers for the home. You can get their bulk water either by exchange or refilling your water bottle. The water dispenser sets up in minutes so you can start hydrating in no time, without tools, plumbing or installation required. It has an easy bottom-loading design and the water dispenser uses 3 or 5-gallon water bottles (sold separately at a retailer near you!) Just open the door and push the bottle in the cabinet.  I love this because I don't have to worry about hurting my back lifting a heavy bottle.

Like I said, my brother has a new baby too, so after I was telling him about the features of the Primo First Steps Bottle-Loading Water dispenser, he wanted to see it. We hopped on a video chat and I showed him.  I think he's about to order one LOL.

How to Make a Matching Water Tumbler and Baby Bottle Gift Set to Go With Your Primo Water Dispenser

I'm all about matching. So I also bought a baby bottle and created this design to put together a matching water tumbler and baby bottle gift set.  For mom it says "Drink Up Mama."  For the little one, it says "Drink Up Baby."  I think they're super cute and really easy to throw together.  You can grab your cut files here and here. Plus, it's a great reminder for mamas to drink their H20!

After you have downloaded your PNG file, load into your cutting machine design software and cut it out of permanent vinyl.  Weed your design then use transfer tape to add the design to the water tumbler and to the baby bottle.

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Super easy right?  I made this set for myself, but I'm making more to gift to all of my new mama friends too. Honestly, THE BEST gift you can give a new mom is time with peace of mind.  I love that I can run an errand, take a nap or even just spend some time for myself knowing that whoever is watching the baby will easily be able to make a bottle at the right temperature and take care of him. If you're getting ready to have a baby, consider adding the Primo First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser to your baby registry. Or if you know someone who is about to have a baby, including the Primo First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser with the matching water tumbler and baby bottle gift set will be a welcomed surprise!

Well that's it for this post.  Until next time!

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A matching water tumbler and baby bottle gift set

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