Today I felt like sharing some of my favorite websites and why I love them.  I'm sure you have heard of some of them, but others may be new to you. 

1. Pinterest- if you are a member of Pinterest, then you already know what I'm talking about.  For those of you who don't know about Pinterest, let me just say I think it is the greatest website ever invented!  You can learn how to do anything, plan anything, or just go there for a laugh.  Everything you want to do can be organized so you  know exactly where to find your favorite website pages.  If something were to ever happen where Pinterest no longer existed, I would be very sad.

2. Sephora- I really like high end makeup and cosmetics.  However, if I am going to drop some serious money on a product I want to make sure it works.  The reason I like the Sephora website so much is because of the customer reviews.  With so many people writing reviews of the products sold at Sephora, it's easier to decide if a product is worth the money. 

3. Drugstore Princess- I love this website for when I can't afford something at Sephora but really want it.  This website has a huge list of  drugstore "dupes" for higher end make up.  At Drugstore Princess,  if you know you like a high end product, she will tell you the equivalent drugstore brand and how it compares(color, texture, consistency...) 

4. Williams Sonoma- I'm obsessed with Williams Sonoma recipes.  I have a whole collection of Williams Sonoma cookbooks.  I love this website because there are even more wonderful recipes than I have in my cookbooks.  The pictures are great and the directions are fool proof.  Plus Williams Sonoma is a great place for seasonal recipes and table setting ideas.

5. Polyvore- To make sure I was buying clothing with the purpose of building a season collection (as opposed to having a closet full of clothes that are awesome, but don't go together) I would search through magazines and figure out the looks I wanted.  I would then tear out those pages and created a shopping journal to take shopping with me to stay on track.  I like to use Polyvore in the same way.  You can create outfits or whole collections to plan on what you want your wardrobe to look like.  Not only will you be able to plan, but you can also shop there as well.

6. Sunday Coupon Preview-  I love to coupon, and that takes a lot of planning.  Sunday Coupon Preview displays what coupons will be coming out in the paper on Sunday.  For some reason my city's newspaper frequently does not get many of the coupons that other cities get.  I like to go on Sunday Coupon Preview to see what coupons are in circulation so that I know what to look for when ordering coupon on Ebay.

7. A Full Cup- Again with the coupons.  This website matches up store sales with coupons.  Members post exactly how they are using their coupons and about their shopping experiences.  It is for sure the best way to save, and it will save a lot of time, instead of studying each store every week.  If you want to know ANYTHING about couponing, this is the site.

8. Craigs List-  I love this website for items to repurpose.  I'm super excited to learn how to reupholster, so Craig's List is the perfect place to find old, inexpensive funiture (I even keep seeing free couches.)  It's also a great place to other items people don't want that you can use for other projects.

So there you have it.  I hope I helped you discover something new.

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