Hi everyone.  This week I have been pretty absent from blogging because I have been trying to help my husband get ready to head off to Nashville.  If you have ever read my About Me page, you would know that my hubby, Abe Mac, is a singer-songwriter and wants more than anything to get a record contract.  I spend a lot of time listening to him write and rehearse songs.  I think he's going to make it in Country music.

With that being said, there has been a lot to do this week to get ready for his trip. I actually forgot it was Thursday already (whoops) with everything going on. So, Thank Goodness It's Thursday will be back next week, with the features from this past week.

And now, here's a little glimpse of what my hubby can do.  This is his music video for a song he wrote, "American Country Redneck."  If you look close, you can see me and the little guy in the background too.  Maybe you'll be able to say you heard of him before he was famous 🙂

If you are wanting to see or hear more from Abe Mac check out his website at abemacband.com.

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