My friend is about to start nursing school!  I can't think of a better way to wish her good luck, than with a plate full of nursing school themed sugar cookies.

As you can see, I included scrubs, hearts with EKGs, syringes, band aids, and pills.  I think my favorite ones are the band aids.  Is that weird?

Besides the heart shaped cookies, I had to improvise to get the right shapes with the cookie cutters I already had.  The scrubs are from a baby onsie cookie cutter with the bottom cut off.  The syringes are made out of a baby bottle cookie cutter.  The pills and the band aids were made using round cookie cutters and a pizza cutter to remove the edges.

I used my standard icing technique to decorate the cookies.  Check out some of my other sugar cookie posts here, here, and here to see how.  I also used edible ink markers to add the stethoscope, EKG lines, band aid dots, and syringe details.

Personally, I think every milestone and occasion in life should be celebrated with sugar cookies.  Here's to wishing my friend good luck!

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7 comments on “Nursing Sugar Cookies”

  1. I love these. My daughter graduates nursing school this week. Is there a place to get the cookie and icing recipes? I would love to learn to make these.

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