Jordan's Easy Entertaining

Pineapple with Chili

My husband loves to put chili powder on pretty much every fruit he eats.  He puts chili on watermelon, apples, cucumbers… My little 3 year old has picked up this preference as well.  Chili powder on fruit is nothing new to me, but I had not thought to put chili on pineapple (which the hubby is […] Read more…

Kale Chips

Isn’t it funny how an ingredient can be “trendy”?  Kale is in the spot light right now, and with good reason.  It’s so good for you, is versatile, and pretty tasty.  The other day I saw that Hansen’s makes a Kale soda. I had to try it, because that sounded too interesting to pass up.   It […] Read more…

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