Did you know you could use your pasta machine to emboss paper?

I have found myself lingering more and more on the paper crafting aisle at both Michael's and Hobby Lobby lately.  I love how many different projects are possible with a die cut machine and I love the way embossed paper looks.  So, I have been thinking that I might want to invest in a die cut machine, like a Cricut.  They're pretty expensive though, so while I'm saving up, I wanted to make sure that I actually like paper crafting.  I bought a few paper punches and stamps.  I had just put a small hand cranked paper embossing machine in my basket at Michael's, when I decided to pull it back out and take a closer look.  That's when I noticed that the rollers in the embossing machine looked a whole lot like the rollers in my Kitchenaid Pasta attachment.  I put the machine back on the shelf, and just purchased an embossing folder to see if I was right about the pasta attachment.

Sure enough, running the embossing folder through my pasta attachment did work.  I was so excited with result.  Here is the embossing folder I used:

I cut a piece of paper to fit the embossing folder, which also happened to be the perfect size to fit the card I was making.  I then ran the embossing folder through my pasta attachment on the largest setting.

I really couldn't be happier with how the paper turned out.

By the way, I also was curious if using a rolling pin would work too.  It did, just not as well.  The embossing was very light.  Now that I know that a pasta machine will work with the embossing folders, and I have a few nice paper punches, I can stay busy paper crafting until I get a die cut machine.

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