This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TheDogumentaries #CollectiveBias Do you have a furry best friend? If you do, I'm sure you want your four legged companion to look "best in show" wherever you go.  It just so happens that my aunt and uncle run a very popular pet grooming shop here in town.  I was able to snag some pro grooming tips from my aunt for keeping your dog's coat looking Westminster Worthy. 

 Pro Tips for Keeping your Dog's Coat Looking Westminster Worthy #TheDogumentaries [ad]

Our fur baby has been a part of our family for 10 years now.  Bo was already an adult when we got him, so it's probably a little too late to ever get him into the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. That doesn't mean we can't strut his stuff down the street looking his best with a healthy shiny coat. 


Pro Tips for Keeping your Dog's Coat Looking Westminster Worthy #TheDogumentaries [ad]


Keeping your dog's coat healthy and shiny isn't complicated or even expensive.  Here are some of the professional dog grooming tips that my aunt shared with me.

Pro Tip 1: Bathe Your Dog Regularly

A good rule of thumb is to bathe your dog once a month.  Of course, if your dog likes to play in the mud or enjoys other dirt filled activities, you can bathe them more often.  Just make sure you are not bathing them so often that their skin starts to dry out.

Pro Tip 2: Brush, Brush, Brush.

Brush your dog before their bath, after their bath, and everyday.  Brushing before the bath loosens up any dirt and shedding hair before their bath, so they can get squeaky clean. Brushing after the bath ensures that your dog's coat is free of matting or tangles. And brushing every day helps maintain a healthy coat by spreading your dog's skin's natural oils into there coat.
My aunt says that for short haired dogs, a short rubber toothed brush is best.  For long haired dogs, a brush with curved metal teeth is ideal.
Also, when grooming around your dog's ears, make sure to use a brush instead a comb to remove any tangles.  A comb is too harsh for the delicate skin near and around your dog's ears and may tear the skin.
Pro Tips for Keeping your Dog's Coat Looking Westminster Worthy #TheDogumentaries [ad]

Pro Tip 3: How To Wash Your Dog

Start with the right products.  Your dog's skin is very different than a human's and needs a mild dog shampoo and conditioner.
At the shop, my aunt and uncle (along with my 2 cousins) start their clients off with a calming head massage.  This makes the dog feel relaxed and much easier to bathe.
Dogs prefer their bath to be much cooler than people do. What feels warm and perfect to you is probably a little too warm to be comfortable for your dog.  Make sure the water is cool to luke warm before bathing your dog.
If you are going to be washing your dog inside your bath tub, there is no need to fill the tub with water.  Simply fill a large measuring cup to gently pour the water over your dog before and after shampooing and conditioning.
Make sure to thoroughly rinse your dog of all of the shampoo and conditioner, saving their head for last.  A dog with a wet head likes to shake, shake, shake.

Pro Tip 4: Keep Your Dog Clean between Washes

Between washes you can keep your dog clean by using specially made doggy wipes.  As long as your dog is relatively clean, doggy wipes will help get rid of the extra dirt between washes.
Wipe your dog's coat, as well as near their eyes and ears to keep them looking their best.  This also helps if anyone in your family has allergies from your dog.  Most people tend to be allergic to their dog's saliva.  Using the doggy wipes daily will help prevent itchy saliva from remaining in the dog's coat.
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Pro Tip 5: Nutrition Is Key for Keeping Your Dog's Coat Healthy and Shiny

Dogs need a diet with Omega fatty acids for a healthy, shiny coat.  Just like people, nutrition is so important for keeping dogs looking and feeling their best.  Fortunately several varieties of the Purina® Pro Plan® brand DOG FOOD include omega fatty acids as well as other nutritious ingredients, and it's a brand my aunt recommends.  
Pro Tips for Keeping your Dog's Coat Looking Westminster Worthy #TheDogumentaries [ad]
Bo is loving the Purina® Pro Plan® Focus - Adult Weight Management Formula dry dog food.  Real chicken is the #1 ingredient and it also includes natural probiotic fiber which helps promote digestive health.  Bo is over 12, but thanks to good nutrition still has the energy of a puppy.  
Pro Tips for Keeping your Dog's Coat Looking Westminster Worthy #TheDogumentaries [ad]
I was able to find the Purina® Pro Plan® brand DOG FOOD at Petco in the dry dog food section.
Pro Tips for Keeping your Dog's Coat Looking Westminster Worthy #TheDogumentaries [ad]
By the way, have you ever wondered how they pick the Petco Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show contestants?
You can learn more about how they get to Westminster as well as entering for a trip to Westminster by clicking here.

I feel great feeding Bo the same Purina® Pro Plan® brand dog food that has fueled the past 10 Westminster champions.  With Nutrition that Performs® and these pro grooming tips, we can always make sure that Bo puts his best paw forward.

Pro Tips for Keeping your Dog's Coat Looking Westminster Worthy #TheDogumentaries [ad]
Do you have any tips for getting your dog Westminster Worthy?

6 comments on “Pro Tips for Keeping your Dog’s Coat Looking Westminster Worthy”

  1. I agree that feeding a good diet is key to keeping your dog's coat soft and shiny, but Purina Pro Plan is not good. They list the first ingredient as "chicken," but that's chicken inclusive of water content — the water must be removed before it can be used to make kibble. So, the weight of the actual amount of chicken meal used in the kibble would appear much further down the list (as ingredients are listed by weight). Which means the ACTUAL first ingredient is Brewers Rice. NOT good nutrition for dogs.

  2. Jordan, you boy Bo could be my childhood furbaby's twin. He was Duke – a big boxer boy with an adventure every day. He used to chase cars and one day got in way over his head … he chased a commercial airliner (prop plane in those days) and ran into the side of a house. Knocked him silly but he was OK…one tough cookie!

  3. What a great looking dog!! My dog is older too, and also just as energetic as a puppy. Thanks for these great tips!!! BTW… my dog really likes Pro Plan.

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