I am proud to be a Independent Younique Presenter.  If you don't know what Younique is, it's a relatively new cosmetics company. Last year, I fell in love with one of Younique's signature products, and I liked it so much that I decided to join the company.  I think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I love Younique's mission statement, their customer service, their products, and the way they treat their presenters.  So, here are 10 reasons I think you should consider joining Younique as well.

1. The New Presenter's Kit - I am a makeup junkie!  I love makeup.  And the makeup that comes in the New Presenter's Kit is amazing.  The kit has changed a couple of times since I have joined, and I must admit I'm pretty jealous of the new presenters who are getting the kit that was just released.  This new kit includes a lot of the products that were just debuted as well as THE best mascara ever - 3D Fiber Lashes Plus.

Younique Presenter Kit

2. Work from home - I love that Younique is set up so that you can do everything from home.  I have always known that I wanted to be a stay at home mom while my kids are little.  But I love that I have found another way (besides just blogging) that I can earn money from home and still have plenty of time to spend with the kiddos.

3. Make new friends and reconnect with old ones - My sponsor is one of my friends from college.  Although we kind of stayed in touch via Facebook since college, we have really reconnected because of Younique.  I've also sponsored one of my high school friends, and again, it is so nice to be reconnected.  But bedsides them, I have also made some genuine new friends.  I have done vendor events with some of the local Younique Presenters, and they are wonderful!!!  Plus, we really communicate and get to each other through our private Facebook group.  I feel so blessed to know these women and have them in my life.

4.  Guilt free Social Media - Now you don't have to feel bad about spending so much time on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or whatever your social media guilty pleasure is.  Being successful with Younique is possible to do entirely online through social media.  My social media channel of choice for promoting Younique is Instagram.  I like to share photos of my products and of the makeup looks I create with them.

5. Get paid almost instantly - after you make your first $50, you will be sent a card that looks like this:
The card works just like a debit card.  Every time you make a sale, the commission is available to you 3 hours later.  How awesome is that?  I love that if I want to make a purchase and need some extra money, all I have to do is sell a few mascaras or other cosmetics, and I'll have the funds the same day.

6. You get to be your own boss - you can do as much or as little work as you like.  It's up to you.  However, this can either work for or against you.  Sometimes it's hard for me to hold myself accountable.  But it also means that when I set a goal, I can really push myself.

7. The sky is the limit - in terms of earning potential.  You start off making 20% commission, and as your sales grow, you move up to different pay levels.  Not only does your commission increase, but as you sponsor new presenters, you will start making a small percentage of their commissions as well.

8. Support - remember those Facebook groups I mentioned earlier?  They are amazing for connecting with other presenters to ask questions, get updates, and encouragement.  But not only are the presenters in your group super helpful, so is Younique corporate.  If I have a question someone in my group cannot answer, I can reach out to the Younique corporate support and get a super fast and helpful answer.

9.  Setting up your business is easy - all you need to sign up to be a Younique Presenter and get started is a Facebook account.  You just fill out your information, and you're website is ready to go.  Plus the website is really user friendly for both you as a presenter and for your customers to shop from. And if you need help setting up a Facebook Fan page or other social media channels, there are plenty of easy to understand guides to get you started.

10.  Cost - to become a Younique Presenter only requires a one time fee of $99.  This covers the cost of your website, your New Presenter's kit, and a few other business supplies.  And you never have to spend more than the $99.  As long as you stay active, which means that you sell $125 of products with 3 months, you get to stay a Presenter for as long as you like.  I have looked at a few other direct sales companies, and none of them have such a low startup cost.  Also, back to that makeup junkie thing - I like that I make a commission on myself (I'm probably my best customer!)

And here's a bonus reason: it's fun!  I absolutely love this "job." So, if you have been thinking about joining Younique, I feel pretty confident saying that you won't regret it.  If you already know a Younique Presenter, reach out to her.  And if you don't know a Younique presenter, I would love to sponsor you myself.  You can always send me a message through my Facebook page.  If you are not ready to join to yet, but would like to learn more, I can add you as a guest to the private Facebook group I mentioned.  Or if you know you want to take the plunge you can sign up here.

I look forward to having you be a part of our Younique family 🙂

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