My brothers and I shared a wooden toy box when we were growing up to house our toys.  It's solid wood and well built.  My own little boy now uses it for his toys, and it is as sturdy as ever.  However, the toy box has had it's share of wear and tear over the years.  I'm planning on completely refinishing it, but I wanted to spruce up the toy box a little bit in the mean time.

For this technique, I used a solution of 3 parts baby oil, and 1 part white vinegar.
Baby oil, vinegar, and a measuring cup
Mix the baby oil and white vinegar in a cup and grab a rag.

Applying the solution
Dip a small corner of your rag into the baby oil and vinegar, and apply in small circular motions all over the surface.  Wipe away excess oil with a clean rag.

The oil and vinegar solution will only work on wood that has been stained, not varnished.  This little project took less than ten minutes, and I'm pretty happy with the results.  Perfect? Well, no.  But the toy box looks a lot better than it did.  Hopefully it won't be too long before I can get to doing a complete toy box face lift.

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