This ring toss kids Halloween party game idea is so easy to make at home and one of the best Halloween party ideas for this year.

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Welcome to day 12 of the 13 days of Halloween party ideas!  Today it's all about the kids.  Bri from Parties With A Cause and I are bringing you some fun ways to focus on the children at your Halloween party.

I love this DIY ring toss kids Halloween party game idea because it's really easy and inexpensive to make, plus the kids seem to  like it.   Actually the competitive adults at your Halloween party will probably have fun with this game too.  I made a similar skeleton arm ring toss game a few years ago and couldn't believe how much play it got at our Halloween party!

How To Make A Skeleton Arm Ring Toss Kids Halloween Party Game

To get started you'll need:

Watch the Video Tutorial on YouTube 


Dollar Tree actually has most of these supplies minus the glue gun itself. 

When I do projects like this I'm never very precise, but I tried to pay attention to sizing and spacing this time to better explain how to put this ring toss Halloween game together. 

On the first foam poster board, I cut out 2 notches on the bottom that were spaced 10 inches apart, with the notches being 3 inches long and 1 cm wide.  I chose the 1 cm width because that is about the thickness of the board.  On the second foam board, I cut (2) 10 inch wide strips of the board.  Then I added 6 inch long notches that were also 1 cm wide and were 3 inches away from the front edge.  Lastly I cut 3 x's into the main board where I was going to add the plastic skeleton arms.  Make sure to use a mat or other protected surface when you are cutting into the poster board.

Here you can see all of the pieces after they have been cut to fit together.

Now you need to insert the skeleton arms into the foam poster board.  Use hot glue on both sides of the board to secure the plastic skeleton arms in place.  Allow to dry completely.

All that's left to do is insert the main foam poster board with the attached skeleton arms into the 2 notched pieces of foam board you cut earlier.   Open up a pack of glow in the dark necklaces and the Halloween party game is ready to play!

At your party, use a piece of tape or other mark on the ground to have the contestants stand behind to toss the glow stick necklaces at the game board. 

More Kid Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

Kids are welcome at the majority of our parties, so we wanted to make sure today was all about Halloween party ideas for kids.  Bri over at Parties With A Cause is sharing this super cute Frankenstein's Edible Mad Science Cups idea

Among my circle of friends, a lot of the kids love to do art activities.  I like to put out fun coloring pages, crayons, and other art project supplies.  For this year's Halloween party, I'll also be setting up a slime making station. Over on 65 Million Years, my second blog all about dinosaur activities and learning resources for kids,  you can see our favorite slime recipe.

Slime Station Recipes

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That's it for this ring toss kids Halloween party game idea.  Until next time! 

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