You'll love these navy blue and rose gold wedding ideas!

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Weddings are such wonderful events! And I'm loving all kinds of things about this Navy Blue and Rose Gold Wedding. 

A few weeks ago, I told you about the backyard wedding party we threw for my brother-in-law and my new sister-in-law.   They got married by a justice of the peace in the city they live in, but wanted a party back home with friends and family.   Our backyard made the most sense in terms of space, and I'm always down for helping plan a party!  We had a fantastic time, but unfortunately I did not get many pictures of the actual event, so I set up the party items a second time so I could share with you. I

This setup is a lot different than the live celebration.  We had about 70 people here for the party, so the layout was much more spread out all over the backyard. 

My brother-in-law and his beautiful new bride are such sweet people.  They just wanted to celebrate, and didn't want anything too fancy.   I knew I couldn't go overboard,  but still wanted it to feel like an actual wedding.   The only thing we could get out of the bride and groom in terms of what they wanted were their favorite colors.  Hers is rose gold and his is navy blue. So, my friends and I created a bunch of DIY wedding projects in those colors.  I used A BUNCH of my diy paper roses to decorate all over the place.

This is the same backdrop I used for Mother's Day.  I think doubling or even quadrupling the size would make an amazing photo back drop.  I used some fancy rose gold wrapping paper over a foam poster board and attached more paper roses.

Here's a photo from the actual party.  Upstairs in the backyard we have a covered space where we put 6 long tables for people to sit and eat.   There is a hideous fluorescent light that I did not want to turn on.  So, I made a bunch of these chandeliers with supplies from Dollar Tree!  Those battery operated lights along with the fairy lights in the basket created a really cool lighting effect.  This isn't the best picture, but hopefully you can get the idea.

By the way, all of those paper roses were made with my Cricut Maker.  I'm so in love with that machine.  With it, I also made this "love" rosette banner.

This banner was also made with my Cricut Maker and was at the live navy blue and rose gold wedding.

Here you can see more paper roses in one of the bird cages that I spray painted rose gold.  For the real party we had a total of 12 birdcages and they acted as centerpieces.

Although I have these gorgeous sequins rose gold tablecloths for the tablescapes in most of these pictures, we actually used them on the cake table and for serving champagne.  I was super annoyed at myself because when I ordered these from Amazon, they were super cheap!!!!   I wish I had ordered at least four more.  I'm sure you will be seeing these again in future parties. 

By the way, both Amazon and Oriental Trading Company have a ton of beautiful Rose Gold party supplies to pick from.   For real though, I can't get over these tablecloths.

You can see the beautiful wedding cake set on top of one of the rose gold tablecloths during the party.

Peeking in the background you can get a glimpse of one of the DIY crafts from my friend Jannet.  She made a super cute photo frame that got a ton of use during the party.

Do you recognize this Mylar Love Balloon  from my Galentine's Day brunch?  It's still inflated with the same air LOL.  For this DIY wedding decor, I took 6 foam poster boards, taped them together, covered them with navy blue and rose gold wrapping paper, and taped the mylar Love balloon to the center.  Really easy and tied the wedding colors together very well.

A backyard wedding can be really fun and special.   But it doesn't matter if it's indoors or outdoors, casual or fancy, you can add personal touches with unique DIY projects!   I know everyone had a great time at this navy blue and rose gold wedding and the bride and groom are happy newly weds.  Hopefully soon we'll be doing even more baby shower plans wink wink!

Navy Blue and Rose Gold Wedding Supplies

Navy Blue and Rose Gold Wedding Cricut Project Cut Files

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That's it for this party!  Until next time!

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  1. So pretty Jordan! They are so lucky to have you to style their wedding for them! Love all the details, and I can’t get enough of your roses

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