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Russian piping tips are the secret behind this super easy cupcake bouquet.

I became a little obsessed with watching Russian piping tips videos on Instagram and Youtube a couple of years ago.  Could decorating cakes and cupcakes with beautiful flower designs really be that easy?  I love decorating with frosting anyway, so I HAD to buy a set.  Once you get the hang of making the right consistency frosting (it can't be too soft or too stiff - it needs to be juuuuuust right) whipping up a gorgeous set of cupcakes or a cake using Russian piping tips is crazy fast and easy, and it doesn't require a lot of decorating skills.  Really!  Here's a quick video to see my Russian piping tips in action.

Easy Cupcake Bouquets with Russian Piping Tips

Right?  That's almost in real time.  In less than a minute, you can completely decorate a pretty cupcake bouquet.  These would be perfect for birthday parties, Mother's Day, tea parties, baby showers, bridal showers, or even weddings.

What You Need to Make Cupcake Bouquets


  1.  Lay out a piece of plastic wrap and use a clean paint brush to brush three stripes in your choice of food coloring. 

2. Use a spatula to spread a thin layer of white frosting over the brush strokes. 

3. In the middle of the white frosting, add a line of frosting in the same color as the painted food coloring.

4. Roll the plastic wrap to form a log and twist the end. 

5. Cut off one of the twisted ends of the plastic and add it to a piping bag fitted with one of the flower Russian piping tips. 

6. Make the bouquet on the cupcake by starting in the middle.  Hold the piping bag at a 90 degree angle and use even pressure while pulling up and adding a slight twist. 

7. Add flowers around entire cupcake until fully covered. 

8.  Use the leaf tip with the green frosting to add leaves in any empty areas of the cupcakes.  

That's it and I LOVE them!  These cupcake bouquets are so easy but they look really special.  Here you can see how I used them for a party to double up as decorations and as a party favor.

As you can imagine, I'm hooked on using Russian piping tips.  A few months ago, it was my grandmother-in-law's birthday, and my hubby had forgotten.  In less than 2 hours, I was able to bake and decorate a beautiful birthday cake thanks to the Russian piping tips.  The floral ones are my favorite, but there are some other really cute options that I'll be sharing soon.

It's so easy to make this cupcake bouquet using Russian piping tips! See the full tutorial to see how <p data-wpview-marker=.

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That's it for this decorating tutorial!  Until next time!

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You don't have to be a professional baker to make these gorgeous easy cupcake bouquets at home when you use Russian piping tips! Check out this tutorial to see how!

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