Dylan is crawling!

He's fast.  AND he loves to get his hands on everything.  We have had to do some serious baby proofing around here.   We have plugs in all of the outlets and tried to protect all of the sharp corners. I also really have to get after my 4 year old about leaving his Legos out.

Having a crawling baby also means that I'm keeping my floors extra squeeky clean.  He is literally crawling all over our house.

Well, kinda crawling.  He's actually scooting around on his tummy and pushes off with his toes.

As you can see, we need a diaper that will keep up with the way he moves.

That's where Huggies Little Movers come in.  These diapers are awesome sauce! New Huggies Little Movers Diapers have a Moving Baby System* for outstanding grip, fit, and wetness protection which absorbs on contact, so babies get the most out of every little move as they begin to kick, roll, crawl and walk.  

Huggies Little Movers Moving Baby System is made up of three key features: 

•  A DryTouch Liner that absorbs on contact
•  Double Grip Strips for comfortable movement and a comfy fit that lasts 
•  Contoured Shape for freedom of movement

So Dylan can crawl/scoot to his heart's desire and I can be confident that his diaper will keep up with him.

Do you have a baby who loves to move?  Capture the joy of movement and upload a photo or video with the hashtag #SetBabyFree for a chance to be featured on Huggies social media pages.

Click here to learn more about Huggies Little Movers.

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