I'm all about handmade gifts, especially at Christmas time.  Today I'm going to show how easy it is to make small diy gifts with the Cricut EasyPress 2 like this adorable Jingle Bells pot holder.

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Are you one of those people who just loves anything in a miniature size?  I sure am!  I already owned a Cricut EasyPress and love it.  So when the Cricut EasyPress 2 came out, I didn't think I needed one.  But in all honesty, I really wanted the new 6"x7" EasyPress 2 simply because I thought it was cute.  I'm really happy with it though because it has some advantages over the original EasyPress.  Here are a few of my favorite features:

  • Heats up to 25% faster
  • Reach up to 400 degrees (F)
  • Has a thicker heat plate for more even heating
  • Is available in 3 different sizes

I actually have the large 12"x10" EasyPress 2 as well.  I can't help it! I'm obsessed! #Sorrynotsorry.  As you may or may not know though, I'm expecting a baby in a couple months and I also have a brand new niece. I see a lot of diy onsies in the very near future in addition to other small diy gifts.

So now let me show you the Cicut EasyPress 2 in action with this Jingle Bell pot holder.

Jingle Bell Pot Holder Materials List

This is a very straight forward project that should only take you about 5 minutes.  Open the cut file in Design Space and it's all ready to cut out.  Just remember to put the mirror-on setting to on, and place your Iron-On with the shiny down.  Once it's cut out weed it out with the help of a Cricut BrightPad.  I usually use my BrightPad to weed anyway, but it REALLY came in handy with the glitter Iron-On.

Then use your new Cricut EasyPress 2 to adhere the glitter iron-on to your pot holder.   My pot holder was a poly-cotton blend, so I used the recommended setting of 350 degrees for 30 seconds after fist heating up the pot holder for 5 seconds.   You can find the Cricut Quick Reference guide here for any project you're working on.

Cricut recommends a warm peel.  I'm used to using extreme caution when peeling the back off of my Iron-On because sometimes, it just takes more time than the recommended setting.  But not with the Cricut EasyPress 2!  I was able to very easily peel the backing away and my design was definitely stuck on there.

I couldn't be happier.  In fact, I think I'll gift this pot holder to myself and just make a few more to go into gift baskets for my baking friends.

Speaking of gifts, the Cricut EasyPress 2 would be welcomed under Christmas tree for the crafter in your life (or if you want to treat yourself!)

As always, I'd love to see your projects if you use this tutorial.  Make sure to tag me on Instagram.

Until next time!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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