Hooray!  It's officially barbecue season!  I have been waiting for months to take full advantage of our backyard - it is absolutely perfect for parties.  And if you happen to be following me on Pinterest, you may have noticed how many barbecue recipes I've been pinning.  Skewers are going to be seeing a lot of action on our grill this summer,  including these Steak and Veggie skewers.

My hubby has turned into a little bit of a Grill Master recently.  We have a little charcoal grill that certainly does the trick for when it's just us.  But, since we are planning on doing a lot of entertaining this summer, I really wanted to get a larger grill.

We were able to pick one up this past weekend. As I was putting it together, I realized that some important pieces were missing - talk about frustrating!  Anyway, I have to wait a few days for the pieces to be shipped to the store.  For now, our grilling still needs to be done on our cute little grill.

One of the nice things about Abe's profession as a musician is that since most of his gigs are at night, he usually gets to spend time with us during the day.  He and I, along with the kids have been enjoying picnics in our backyard during lunchtime.

These steak and veggie skewers were perfect for one of our backyard picnics.  I loved how colorful they were and of course they were really tasty.  We also had some delicious chili lime roasted corn to go along with the skewers.

I can't wait for those missing pieces of our new grill to get in!  I plan on making these skewers again for our next party.

What's on you barbecue bucket list this summer?

Steak and Veggie Skewers

Steak cut into 1 inch cubes
Worcestershire sauce
mushrooms halved
mini red and yellow bell pepper
grape tomatoes
zucchini thickly sliced
purple onion cut into wedges
salt and pepper.
wooden skewers

1.  Soak your wooden skewers for about half an hour before assembling to make sure that they do not burn on your grill.
2.  Marinate the steak with Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper while the skewers are soaking.
3.  To assemble the skewers, thread the steak and veggies in any order you prefer.
4.  Place the skewers on a hot grill and allow to cook until done - about 10 minutes.

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