*This post contains affiliate links* I love giving homemade treats as presents.  I also love coming up with fun ways of gift wrapping those homemade treats.  On a recent trip to Joanne's Fabrics, I saw a beautiful paper stack and it was only $6!  The paper was too pretty to cover up with photos for scrapbooking, and I thought they would be perfect for a project to display some Summer time treats.  I ended up going with this milk carton design and just love them.

You may remember that a few months ago, I was writing about wanting to get a Cricut for paper crafting.  When the Cricut Explore™ came out and I saw all of the gift and treat boxes as well as gift tags and cupcake wrappers that could be made with the machine, I knew I had to have one.  I had saved up for a couple of months and finally got my Cricut a week and a half ago.  I've been going crazy with the paper crafting since then! I have made more paper crafting projects than I would have imagined in the last few days, and have loved them all.  Today, I wanted to share with you these milk carton treat boxes because they're so cute and also because I think they would be great for back to school. To make the milk carton treat boxes, I logged into my Cricut Design Space™ account on my laptop.  My Cricut came with a free 2 week subscription to the design space, so I had access to over 25000 images to choose from (I'm definitely going to continue the subscription.)  I searched for "treat boxes" and came across the milk carton design.  I added the image to my Cricut design space and then stretched the milk carton to the size that I wanted.

Once everything was all set up in the design space, I hooked up the Cricut Explore to my laptop.  Then I got my paper ready by sticking it on my cutting mat.
The next step was to load the cutting mat into the machine, and just hit to go button.  First the Cricut scored the paper, so it would be easy to fold and then came the cuts.
Scoring and cutting took probably less than a minute.  I used the spatula that came in the Cricut Explore bundle that I ordered to remove the milk carton paper from the mat.
Here is the template all cut out and ready to be folded and glued.
I folded along all of the scored lines and then used a glue stick to seal the box together.
After the glue had tried for a few minutes, I opened the box up so it formed a square, and then tucked in the flaps to close the bottom.  I did not use glue (I really didn't need to anyway) because I figured I would add my treats to the box later through the bottom flaps.
I used my glue stick to seal the top of the milk carton.
Finally I sealed the top of the milk carton up.  I actually used 2 clothes pins to hold the top together while the glue dried.
This project was so easy with my Cricut Explore™!  While one box was being scored and cut, I was folding a gluing the previous one.  And since the glue from a glue stick tends to dry so quickly, I was done with all 3 boxes in less than 15 minutes total, including changing the sizes in the design space.
I really can't get over how much I love my Cricut Explore™.  It's so easy to use, that after I get everything set up in the design space, I can let my 3 year old operate the machine to start cutting the paper.  Even my husband (who really couldn't care less about paper crafting) thinks the Cricut Explore is amazing and likes to watch how it works.  BEST. CRAFT. INVESTMENT. EVER!
I love how the milk cartons turned out.  I'm thinking I going to fill them with homemade caramels. I can't wait to show you more fun paper projects soon 🙂
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