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Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

 Homemade ice cream is the absolute best!This homemade chocolate ice cream recipe is the kickoff of my new blog series, Frozen Treat Friday.  Every Friday this summer I’ll be posting 1 or more yummy frozen treats.It’s amazing how delicious this chocolate ice cream is.  It only has 5 ingredients and is pretty easy to make. Start […] Read more…

Vanilla Ice Cream

 Last year while I was waiting in the Doctor’s office, I was browsing through an old Bon Appetit magazine.  I saw a recipe for ice cream that looked so simple,  I had to go home and try it. I modified the recipe A LOT, but it turned out great.  I’ve been making homemade ice cream […] Read more…

Chocolate Fudge

 My sister-in-law makes the best chocolate fudge.  I always looked forward to her Christmas present to me, because I knew she would make a tin full of delicious fudge. This fudge is so yummy that I put on 10 pounds during the Holiday season one year because of it.  Hopefully that never happens again (portion […] Read more…

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