Valentine's Day is just days away!  For almost every Holiday, I fill up my Pinterest boards with ideas, buy all kinds of Holiday items, and fully have the intention of going all out with decorating, projects and themed activities.  For almost every Holiday, I tell myself there is still plenty of time to get things done, and then the day sneaks up on me and I pretty much miss out.   I can finally say that I got some projects done in time for this Valentine's Day 🙂

If you read my Lacy Sugar Cookie post from last week, you would know that I have been baking cookies like crazy to give as gifts this year.  This Teddy Bear Rose Cookie Bouquet is one of 3 bouquet designs I have done this year.  I think it's really cute.  Even though it takes quite a bit of time, with all the drying time required, it is pretty easy to make.

For this cookie bouquet, I made one Teddy Bear cookie and six Rose cookies in red, hot pink, and light pink. 

For my sugar cookies, I use an icing made up of meringue powder, powdered sugar, and water.  I almost never measure, but tried to pay attention to how much I was mixing.  This time I used 1 spoon of meringue powder, 4 heaping spoons of powdered sugar and 1 1/2 spoons of water.  The icing should be about the consistency of Elmer's glue.  I like this thickness for outlining my cookies.  I'll fill a plastic sandwich  bag with some of the icing, then I will mix in about 1/2 spoon more water into the bowl with the remaining icing.  I use this icing for filling in the cookie.  I make small batches at a time since I usually use several colors. 

For the Teddy Bear:
I start off by cutting a very small tip of the corner of the bag,  then outline the cookie.  Next, I switch over to the thinner icing mix and fill in the cookie.  I use the back of a spoon to guide the icing to reach the outline.  Once the cookie is completely covered, I leave it alone to dry before moving on to the next step.  It should take 4 - 6 hours to dry.
Next comes the details.  I'm sorry there aren't more pictures to show the step by step for the part 🙂  I must have been tired.  Anyway, the first thing I do is make an oval out of the thinner brown icing.  I then outline a heart and fill it in on the bear's tummy.  And last comes his ears, and feet.  Again, the icing needs to completely dry before adding more features. Once dry, add the facial features and message on the heart.   I love these edible food markers!  They are super convenient for printing words this small.   
For the Roses:
I love how easy these roses are 🙂  I use an egg shaped cookie cutter for the shape of the cookie.  I use the thinner icing to make the basic rose shape. Once that has dried enough ( about 10 minutes) I make a swirl at the top of the rose and continue the line in a curve down the front with the thicker icing.  I then outline the rest of the rose.  For the green bottom, I start with the center leaf and then move on to the other 2 sides.  Again, allow to dry for about 10 minutes before using the thicker icing to pipe the outline and a center vein on the leaf.   
Putting the Bouquet Together:
I like to use floral foam to hold the cookies in place.   I use a sharp knife to cut a piece of floral foam to fit the container I'll be using ( in this case a coffee cup).  I then arrange my cookie in the foam.  So I don't make too many unnecessary holes in the foam, I like to lay out how I want my cookies on a sheet of parchment paper first.  Once the cookies are in place, I add tissue paper into the spaces between the foam and the edge of the cup.
Once the bouquet is all together, I like to wrap it up in cellophane and add a pretty bow.  (Pretty much anything wrapped in cellophane will make a nice presentation.)   
Make sure to check back tomorrow to see one of the other cookie bouquets I've made for Valentine's Day.

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