Happy Thursday everyone! I have been having a wonderfully bitter sweet week.  My hubby, Abe Mac, surprised us by getting back from Nashville early.  He showed up at the house with no warning and a bouquet of roses.  The little guy and I were so happy to see him and we spent a very long time in a group hug.  

The bitter sweet part comes from the little guy staying the whole week over at his Dad's.  Abe and I have really enjoyed spending time together.  We went wine tasting, driving in the country, and even went horse back riding (we're both super sore.)  But almost every half hour or so, one of us will say, "I sure miss Christian!"  We both can't wait for the little guy to get home.

This week's feature comes from Sandra at Sandra's Ark.  Sometimes you just need a little reminder to give your full attention to the things that matter most to you and not let distractions get in the way.

Sandra, I invite you to grab a featured button.

And now it's your turn!

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