I have had the most unproductive week!  Usually when this happens it's because I have a book I just cannot stand to put down, but this time it's much worse.  Thanks to Netflix, I've gotten hooked on Breaking Bad.  Every chance I get, I try to squeeze in some viewing time, even if it's just five minutes.  Netflix is going to ruin my life!!!!

I also decided not to stress out about getting practically nothing done this week and enjoy some time with my little boy.  I was looking through some pictures the other day, and realized how fast he's growing up.  I don't want to be so focused on "being productive" that I miss out what really matters.  So, this past Tuesday I threw him the car and went to Chuck E Cheese, just the 2 of us - and I actually had fun playing all of the games with him.  THEN, we went to the mall where they have a bungee trampoline - he had so much fun flying through the air.  This week, we've also gone to the park, to the movies, and put together some puzzles.

So, it was a super unproductive, but wonderful week 🙂

Enough about me, on to Features!

It's ridiculous how much I want a slice of this Strawberry Cake right now.

I love that these etched mugs are dishwasher safe after all that hard work.

I love a wonderful smelling soap, and had never thought to use them for a drawer scent.

Tammy, Elyse Ashley, and Eliza, I invite you to grab a featured button.

And now it's your turn!

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