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Reading is one of my favorite leisure activities, and I love books that have the power to change me.  The Hardest Peace by Kara Tippetts is one of those life changing books.  Kara shares her whole life story from early childhood, to finding Christ, to meeting the love of her life, to becoming a mom, and finally dealing with being diagnosed with life threatening cancer.  Her story is amazing.  But more than that, she helps her reader to see the beauty in their own amazing life journey.

Cancer is only a small part of The Hardest Peace.  The book mainly explores how this woman approaches her everyday faith, the hard work that goes into her loving marriage, the relationships she has with her children, building a church community, and seeing the grace that is given to her even through life's struggles.  Although Kara is sharing her own story, she has a way of inspiring.  At the end of each chapter, Kara ask a series of thought-provoking questions to help her reader evaluate their own life.

Although Kara does not know me, through The Hardest Peace I have the privilege of knowing her. To learn more about Kara Tippetts and her book, visit her blog at Mundane Faithfulness.

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