It's my birthday!  I thought I would share with you these Transformer sugar cookies I made for a birthday party.
These weren't for my birthday though LOL.  My brother's little nephew, who also happens to be one of Christian's best friends, turned four last month.  He wanted a Transformer themed birthday party,  so that's exactly what he got.
Sugar cookies have kinda become my "thing."  So, I love making sugar cookies for pretty much every occasion.  Since my little guy loves Transformers also, I was was really excited to make these Transformer sugar cookies. Here is my original sketch for what I wanted the cookies to look like.
To start off, I outlined and filled round sugar cookies with grey royal icing.  I let them dry completely before moving on to the next step.
For the yellow transformer, I looked at a photo online, and outlined and filled in the basic shape with yellow royal icing. I used the tip of a toothpick to spread the icing for the angles.
For the red and blue transformer, I started with the blue royal icing.  I outlined the basic shape and again used a the tip of a toothpick to get the angles just right.  Then I outlined and filled in the rest of the transformer with red royal icing.
Unfortunately I was just trying to get these cookies done, and forgot to get pictures of each step.  But, I also made cookies with the number 4 on them in red, yellow, and blue.  I let all of those cookies completely dry again before adding details to the transformer cookies.  I'm so sorry I didn't get a good picture of adding the facial details, but I used a black edible marker and again just looked at the picture online for reference.
To finish off the cookie, I really wanted them to look like metal.  I used the same technique that Sweet Ambs used for her Father's Day Tool Box cookies.  You can see her YouTube tutorial here:
I also painted my transformer cookies with silver luster dust and lemon extract like Sweet Ambs did.  Didn't they turn out great?
I was happy, the birthday boy was happy, and hopefully you'll be happy with my Transformer sugar cookies too!

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