Did you know that you can make a quick and easy diy no sew face mask with a filter in less than 30 seconds?

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a woman wearing a homemade face mask

I was getting ready to make a run to the store for some essentials, when I realized that I needed a new face mask.  There are so many amazing tutorials out there right now for diy face masks, and I plan on sewing some eventually.  Cricut even has a free pattern in Design Space.   But I needed one right away!

I went straight to the CDC website to see what they recommend and found a drawn diagram for folding a bandana to make a face mask with hair ties.  

Sounds great, except I don't have any bandanas.  What I do have are a ton of are cotton dinner napkins.  If you are like me, then you probably are not holding any dinner parties, so why not put those beautiful dinner napkins to use to give some additional protection to you and your family when you need to get out of the house?

How to Fold a No Sew Face Mask with Filter and Hair Ties

I followed the CDC's recommendation for making a no sew face mask, but I added coffee filters to add an extra layer.

  1. Fold your napkin or bandana in half
  2. Layer your 2 coffee filters one on top of the other and fold those in half.  Place right in the center of the folded napkin or bandana.
  3. Fold the bottom of the napkin half way up over the coffee filters.
  4. Fold the top the the napkin half way down over the coffee filters.
  5. Place a hair tie on each end the folded napkin with about 6 inches between them.
  6. Fold the 2 end of the napkin or bandana so that they meet in the middle.
how to fold a napkin or bandanna to make a face mask with a filter and hair ties

Did that even take 30 seconds?  

a no sew face mask made with a dinner napkin, coffee filters, and elastic hair ties

To wear your new face mask, slip the hair ties over your ears with the folded ends towards your face and adjust the mask so that it snuggly covers your nose and mouth.  

Although a diagram and written instructions are fine and dandy, there's nothing quite like a video to see how something is really done.  

The CDC recommends that you use a fabric that is tightly woven but that you can easily breath though. Jennifer Maker has a great post on which fabrics to use or not use for your face mask.  Also, keep in mind that a face mask should not be worn by anyone under the age of two or who has trouble breathing.

Celebrate at Home

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That's it for this quick and easy no sew face mask with filter!  Until next time!


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an easy face mask with a filter

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