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It's amazing how fast time flies.  It seems like such a short time ago that I was preparing to be a new mom, then BAM! My little guy is 3.  And now, preschool is right around the corner.   I would really like him to be as well prepared as possible, especially since he seems so interested in learning.

 I've been thinking about ways to get Christian ready for school for awhile now.  Back in September, back-to-school supplies were available everywhere, including my beloved Dollar Tree. 

It turns out Dollar Tree has items like these flash cards and activity books all the time. I scooped up these wonderful learning tools in hopes of getting Christian to start recognizing numbers and letters.   Unfortunately, in September, he didn't seem all that interested.  I really want learning to be fun for him, so I didn't push it.

For the past few weeks, I have been letting Christian watch several PBS programs during the day.  He loves cartoons, but most of the ones he was watching before were not beneficial at all.  I've switched him almost completely to the cartoons on PBS, and it's amazing the things he's picking up now.  My favorites for him to watch are Super Why, Dinosaur Train, and Peg + Cat.  Those little brains are like sponges!

Super Why focuses on learning how to read.  Dinosaur Train is teaching actual dinosaur facts.  Peg + Cat is all about learning numbers and how to count.  Since starting these programs, Christian has become interested in the above mentioned Dollar Tree learning materials.   In addition to spending time formally learning with flash cards and activity books, we're trying to make daily activities learning opportunities as well.

We're having fun counting during hide and seek, and randomly singing the alphabet song.  Christian also loves counting his dinosaur toys, and he likes to ask me what letter he is pointing to on labels on our household items. 

Another way to get your little ones interested in learning, is to read to them.  Part of my attempted bedtime routine for Christian includes reading to him.  Have you ever heard the saying "children learn to read in the laps of their parents?" 

If you let your toddler watch TV, I highly recommend these shows.  Head out to Dollar Tree Shop For School And Office Supplies! Only $1 Each!  But most of all, try to make learning fun!  Christian loves all things dinosaur, so I try to let him learn everything he can about them.  He is the only 3 year old I know of who runs around talking about Carcharodontosaurus and Sarcosuchus.  Encourage your kids to learn about the things they are interested in, and learning will be something they want to do.

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