Woohoo!  Halloween is only a few days away! If you didn't already know, we moved into a new house at the end of the Summer.  The hubby and I, and even the little guy are still completely in love with our new house.  Last year I had fun decorating our little town home, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the decor for this year.

Starting off my Halloween home tour is our front gate.  The little guy and I had a lot of fun stretching all of the spider webs and zombie tape across the fence.

 I am crazy about our new front door.  I'll probably put up a garland around the frame for every Holiday!  There are also Halloween lights around the door and it looks super awesome at night.


And we finally have a fireplace! I made the "beware" banner last year using my Cricut Explore Oneā„¢.

Here are my kitchen pendent lights covered in Halloween bows.

And this is the chandelier above our kitchen table.  

Here you can see the chandelier and the table.  I love this vinyl table cloth!  It's covered with bats, spiders, skeletons, and black crows.

I used a black crow and reindeer moss from Dollar Tree to fill this glass jar.  The little pumpkins are salt and pepper shakers.
Each of our bedroom doors has a bow that matches the ones on the kitchen pendent lights.
So, not too dramatic with the Halloween decorations.  I certainly don't want my little boys to be scared in our new home.  Okay, I'm a pretty big wimp too!
I purposely haven't bought our trick-or-treater's candy yet (so we don't eat it all)  but other than that, we're so ready for Halloween!

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