These Candy Land theme Halloween front porch ideas are a super sweet way to welcome trick or treaters!

Candy Land theme Halloween front porch ideas

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Handing out candy on Halloween night is one of my favorite things to do. Our neighborhood is full of elementary school aged kids and last year we had a TON of trick or treaters.  This year I wanted our house to be really inviting and not scary at all, but still feel full of Halloween fun.

Candy Land is the absolute perfect theme for a Halloween front porch, don't you think?

diy Dollar Tree crafts to decorate a Cnady Land theme Halloween front porch

All of the decorations that I made for this Candy Land theme Halloween front porch are Dollar Tree crafts! They were really easy and affordable to make. 

Supplies for Candy Land Dollar Tree Crafts

To make these cute candy decorations I used:

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By far the easiest candy decoration to make were these ones.  This is an empty wrapping paper roll that I covered with purple foil gift wrap and tied the ends with curling ribbon.

diy candy decorations for a candy land themed Halloween front porch

The next easiest were these pool noodle candies.  I wrapped a pool noodle with colored duct tape before cutting it into 4 equal pieces.  I wrapped each piece with some cellophane and tied the ends with ribbon.

pool noodle candy land dollar tree crafts for Halloween

To make the candies that look like peppermint, I used plastic party plates.  With my Cricut machine I cut some Dollar Tree vinyl to add to the plates.  Then I wrapped them in cellophane with the same curling ribbon as the other candies.

The lollipops were made the same way, I just added a paper straw for the lollipop stick.

diy Dollar Tree crafts using paper plates and vinyl to make lollipop decorations

I wanted a wreath to match the garland.  I used a Dollar Tree wreath form, some mesh ribbon, a Halloween garland, and some adorable Halloween wired ribbon. I also included some fairy lights.

A Halloween wreath Dollar Tree craft

I'm obsessed with how this giant cupcake decoration turned out!  I used a laundry basket as the base and covered it with poster board that I accordion folded. Then I took 3 green pool noodles and cut them in half lengthwise. I used my hot glue gun to attach the pool noodles to the laundry basket.  Then I wrapped the pool noodles and glued a small section down at a time. I topped the giant cupcake decoration with a purple ornament to cover the small hole left when I was done wrapping the pool noodles.

A giant cupcake Halloween decoration made from pool noodles and poster board

To attach the candy decorations to the garland I taped some pipe cleaners to the back and tied them on.  My front porch is well covered and protected from the weather, so I wasn't too worried about how secure the decorations were. 

To finish off the look, I added these 2 Halloween signs and door mat from the Dollar Tree Plus section.  Each one was $5.  I can't wait to see the decor coming to this new section of Dollar Tree for future holidays!

Halloween signs and door mat from the Dollar Tree Plus section


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That's it for these Candy Land theme Halloween front porch ideas. Until next time!

Jordan Hansen from Jordan's Easy Entertaining showing off a purple Dollar Tree diy wreath

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diy Dollar Tree crafts for a candy land theme Halloween front door

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