Would you like to know how to make cotton candy at home from your favorite hard candies?

how to make cotton candy at home using hard candies

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Today I'm sharing with you one of my go to party treats: cotton candy!

I learned how to make cotton candy at home a few years ago and I love it!  Usually you make cotton candy with straight sugar.  It can be flavored sugar, which you can find here.  But  there are certain hard candy flavors that I love and want in a cotton candy.  So I was very excited to get a cotton candy machine that allows me to use hard candy instead of sugar.

Although I try to make enough cotton candy in advance for my parties, the kids always love to watch the process.  The spun sugar looks a lot like spider webs while it's in the machine. It's especially fun around Halloween.  But my machine will be making an appearance at a bunch of the parties I have planned in the near future, such as a circus party next month.

Cotton Candy Supply List

How to Make Cotton Candy at Home Directions

After you have picked out the hard candy you would like to use, the first thing that you need to do is crush your candy up. I placed mine into a sandwich bag and pounded it with a rolling pin.  Then you will need to turn your machine on and allow it to heat up for roughly five minutes.   Turn the machine back off and quickly add your crushed candy.  Make sure not to tough the metal center of the machine as it will be very hot.  Turn the machine back on.  Your cotton candy will begin forming in just a few seconds.  Take one of your cotton candy cones and hold it vertically to start off and then hold it horizontally.  Spin the cone to get an even layer of cotton candy all around it.  Continue until all of the hard candy has spun into cotton candy or until you have the desired size.

Would you like to know how to make cotton candy at home? It's easy, especially when you use your favorite hard candy #homemadewithlove #partyfood #cottoncandy #cottoncandyathome

Side note:   Your machine will come with instructions and yours may be different than the one I use.  Not all cotton candy machines allow you to use hard candy instead of sugar.  Make sure to thoroughly read your machine's instructions and use accordingly. 

Here is a quick video to see how to make cotton candy at home using hard candies.

FYI, I didn't have any cotton candy cones, so I made my own.  You just need to roll up some clean paper into a cone and secure it with tape.  This way, you can also have some really fun custom cones using beautiful paper.

You only need a few supplies to make cotton candy at home. See how! #homemadewithlove #cottoncandy #dessert #partyfood

This cotton candy turned out so yummy!  My favorite hard candy flavors to make cotton candy at home with are lime, cherry, and even peppermint.

Om nom nom nom! Yes, it's basically pure sugar, but every once in a while you deserve to indulge! This size cotton candy cone is about five hard candies.

See how to make cotton cnady at home with hard candies following this quick and easy tutorial from Jordan's Easy Entertaining #homemadewithlove #cottoncandy

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See how to make cotton candy at home using hard candies - it's easy and super tasty | Homemade with Love #homemadewithlove #cottoncandy #dessert #partyfood #partytreat

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