You'll be so happy to learn how to make a simple gift box with your Cricut Maker if you enjoy throwing parties with fabulous party favors. 


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Among my circle of close friends and family, a lot of new babies have been born over the last few months, with a couple more on the way.  My little guy was born last month and I'll be sharing my baby shower with you very soon. 

Baby showers are one of my absolute favorite life celebrations! Is there anything sweeter than a new baby? 

Baby showers are actually how I got started in cookie decorating.  About 11 years ago, there was a baby shower at my church and I offered to make decorated sugar cookies.  It was my first time, but they turned out super cute.  Since then, I did all of the cookie party favors for church baby showers.  As the years went by, people started hiring me to make decorated sugar cookies for all types of occasions, but baby showers are still my favorite.  You can see some of the cookies at my Desert Flours Bakery Instagram account

Since my cookies are really custom, I figured out how to make a simple gift box with my Cricut Maker to perfectly fit my cookie sizes.  Not only does the Cricut Maker perfectly cut out a great box template, it scores the material too, so it's really easy to fold.  

The scoring stylus used to be my favorite Cricut tool. Honestly, I didn't see the point of the new Scoring Wheel when it was first released. But then I got a Scoring Wheel and now it's my favorite!  Although the scoring stylus is great for scoring cardstock, the Scoring Wheel can score thicker material like kraftboard.  Kraftboard makes a much sturdier gift box, and you never have to worry about your gift falling out of the bottom.

Making simple gift boxes is my jam.  Here are a few of my favorite gift boxes  made for birthday parties and other celebrations.


Baby Dino Cookies

Before I show you how to make a simple gift box with your Cricut Maker, let me show you the cookie that I made for this baby shower party favor.  I used my Cricut Maker to make a stencil for this baby dino sugar cookie.

Before designing the stencil, measure the size of the cookie you are using.  This particular cookie was 5 inches tall.  Make sure your design is sized correctly then cut out your design with your Cricut Maker.  I use the "transparency" setting to cut out my stencils.  Once the stencil is cut out, wash it under warm low flowing water and gently dry it with a paper towel.  Place your new stencil into a Stencil Genie and either airbrush your design or scrape a colored royal icing.  

The stencils are so easy to make and use!  I love having totally custom cookies that I can easily have ready in no time by making my own stencils with my Cricut Maker.  You can find the Cricut cut file for this baby dino stencil here.

How to Make A Simple Gift Box with Your Cricut Maker


Now to turn these cookies into baby shower favors, it's time to make custom gift boxes.  

Open the Cricut cut file or you can search #M96F06 to grab the Matchbox file.   Start by making the base of the box which is made with Cricut kraftboard.  Add the kraftboard to your StadardGrip mat and load it into your Cricut Maker.  First, you'll need to use the Double Scoring Wheel in clamp B and then switch over to the fine point blade after the kraftboard is scored. 

Then make the acetate box sleeve.   This is also going to use the Scoring Wheel but this time it's the Single Scoring Wheel.  To switch between the double and the single Scoring Wheel, press down on the plunger to release and attach.

Before you add your foil acetate to the StandardGrip mat, remove the clear backing.  It's really difficult to see, but trust me - it's on there. Then place the acetate on the mat with the foil side facing down.  Once again, your Cricut Maker is going to score the acetate first.  Start with the Single Scoring Wheel.  When prompted, switch the Scoring Wheel over to the cutting blade in clamp B without removing the mat from your Cricut Maker.  Hit "go" and cut the foil acetate.

For both the kraftboard and the foil acetate, fold along the scored lines.  For the kraftboard, use a hot glue gun to hold the double folded sides of the box and to attach the flaps at each of the four corners.  Use clear tape attach the flap on the foil acetate sleeve. 

Your box is now ready to use.  The foil acetate box sleeve should snugly fit over the kraftboard box.


To make sure your cookie favor doesn't move around in the box, add some clean decorative shred to the box and a cut a small piece of parchment paper to go under the cookie.

That's it for how to make a simple gift box with your Cricut Maker!  Pretty easy, right?  

Now you can whip up gift boxes for any party favor you're planning on giving to your guests.  Do you have a baby shower coming up?  These are also great for birthday parties, and bridal showers too. 

Well, that's it for this post! Until next time!

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