If you love making Cricut Maker projects, this Fall Themed Cricut Thank You card is a great way to play with the new Maker tools!

a fall themed Cricut thank you card


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I must admit that I am terrible about sending anything in the mail, especially cards.  Which is a shame, because I have a lot of really thoughtful people in my life who deserve to be recognized.  Although I verbally tell people how much I appreciate what they do for me, I'm determined to make written thank you cards a habit.  Don't you love getting a thank you card in the mail?  But a handmade thank you card is the bees knees!  And I love any excuse to use my Circut Maker!

Recently Cricut sent me their new Maker tools including the Fine Debossing Tip, the Wavy Blade, theBasic Perforation Blade, and the Engraving Tip.  Now I definitely want to make ALL THE THINGS!

all four of the Cricut Maker tools

I'll go into detail in a separate post about the features of each of these new Maker tools, but for this homemade thank you card, I'll be using the Fine Debossing Tip and the Engraving Tip.

On a side note, Cricut also sent me the new EasyPress Mini, and I'll be sharing a project using it later this week.  So excited!

But back to this homemade thank you card. 

a homemade thank you card featuring fall themed leaves and a teal pumpkin with a copper engraved cutout that says thankful

Here's what you'll need to create this card at home: 

Fall Themed Cricut Thank You Card Supplies

Fall Themed Cricut Thank You Card Instructions

Start your card by opening the project file in Cricut Design Space here.  This homemade thank you card is all ready to cut out, but take a minute to look over the project if you are using the new Maker tools for the first time.  You'll notice that in the drop down menu for linetype there are now options for Engrave and Fine Deboss. Fortunately when you go to make your project, you will be prompted to use the correct Maker tool in your machine.  

Start by debossing and cutting out the background of the card.  Insert the Fine Debossing Tip into clamp "B" and hit "go."

Although I still love my Cuttlebug, I'm pretty obsessed with the Fine Debossing Tip.  I'll admit that using a folder in the Cuttlebug is a heck of a lot faster than using the Fine Debossing Tip, but those folders limit you in terms of size and design.  Have you noticed that there are now over 90,000 images in Cricut Design Space?  Crazy, right!?!  That means you can choose from thousands of debossing designs.  Here you can see a closeup of the background of the thank you card after it's been debossed and cut out.  

paper embellished with the Fine Debossing Tip + QuickSwap Housing

Next, cut out the other elements of the card using the fine point blade on the StandardGrip mat, making sure to choose the right materials settings.  You'll notice that I have party foil listed up on the materials.  That's what I used for the base of the pumpkin design.  I love that shine!  You'll also need to insert the Scoring Wheel into clamp "B" to score the main part of the card.  If you don't have the Scoring Wheel, you can use the Scoring Stylus in clamp "A."

Now move on to cutting out the copper.  Insert the Engraving Tip into clamp "B" of the Cricut Maker.  Then use a brayer to add the copper to a StrongGrip mat.  Secure the edges of the copper to the mat with masking tape. Make sure to move the white star wheels on the roller bar over to the right to make sure the copper does not get unwanted track marks. Engrave the copper, and then switch over to the fine point blade to cut out the oval shape.  

adding thin copper sheeting to a StrongGrip cricut mat with tape and cutting out on the Cricut Maker machine

After the copper is cut, be very careful removing it from the mat with a spatula.  The edges may be sharp, so do not run your finger along the edge.  Use the fine grit sanding paper around the edges to smooth it out a bit.

engraved copper on a stronggrip mat secured with masking tape

Then it's time to assemble your homemade thank you card!

pieces of a Cricut thank you card waiting to be put together

For the parts of the thank you card that have two pieces, I find it helpful to hold the piece down with a pair of tweezers and run the glue stick over it on a paper towel.  

assembling a homemade thank you card

I first glued down a set of the mum flowers to the card, followed by the leaves, pumpkin, and the other set of the mums, making sure to overlap them.   

Here is a closeup of the finished card so you can see the engraving and debossing. 

a closeup of the homemade thank you card

It may seem like a lot of steps, but this fall themed Cricut thank you card is pretty easy to put together.  The debossing will take about 20 minutes, but you can walk away and do something else while that's happening. 

a homemade thank you card with pumpkins, flowers, and leaves

All that's left is to write a heartfelt message inside and pop this thank you card in the mail!  Make sure to check out my Mama and Baby Elephant thank you card from the Cricut Crazy Cute Cards cartridge too. 

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That's it for this fall themed Cricut thank you card.  Until next time!

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a homemade fall themed Cricut thank you card

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