I am so excited for Halloween!  It's always been one of my favorite Holidays.  As a little kid I loved getting dressed up and going trick or treating.  As I got older, my love of Halloween continued to grow...I still loved getting dressed up and going to Halloween parties.  And now, I love getting excited with my little 3 year old about his costume and going trick or treating.  But the most fun is decorating for Halloween.

Last week I mentioned that my neighbors and I are having a Halloween front door decorating contest.  So, although I have my kitchen and downstairs bathroom all decked too, I thought I would share the front of our space with you today.  

The judging was actually today, but we won't find out who won until Friday.  Even without the contest, this is exactly how I would have decorated anyway.  I started with the spiderwebs and Zombie Outbreak tape.  Then I added the wreath I made, then came the skull door knocker.  Next I added the black and white mesh ribbon around the door, followed by the leaf garland.  Finally, I added the lights around the door frame.  I love it, and the door is not too scary for my little guy.

Once the front door was done, I felt like our front window looked a little naked.  So, I made another wreath that doesn't match the front door's but it "goes" together.  I also made the banner and the luminary bags with my Cricut Explore™.  Of course, I also had to add some more lights around the window.

Sorry this picture is a little blurry, but here is what the front looked like at night.

A close up of the window.

I'm so ready for trick or treaters 🙂  I already have my Halloween themed Pandora station picked out, now I just need to go buy some candy!  Happy Halloween!

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