Hooray!!!! It's officially October - my favorite month in my favorite season.  The other day I showed you how to make Halloween hand soaps.  Since I am planning on gifting the soap, I wanted a cute way to package them up.  These Halloween treat boxes are perfect for giving away Halloween treats.

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I've actually made these Halloween treat boxes before, and they couldn't be easier.

I made the treat boxes using my Cricut Machine.  This template is available in the Cricut All Access subscription and can be found here.

The nice thing about using the Cricut Design Spaceā„¢ is that you can resize your project to fit your needs.  My soap measured just about 2 inches in length, so I sized my boxes to fit.

Here you can see how the Cricut Explore One cut the box tops.  I love the spider motif!

Notice how the Cricut also scored the box tops?  Once the tops were cut, I folded along the scored lines and then glued the tabs.

I like to use a glue stick because the glue dried so quickly and smoothly.

Next up is the main box.  I was able to fit 2 boxes on 1 mat for this project.

The box was also scored, so I folded along the lines.  To assemble to box, I used my glue stick to attach the 2 pieces together by the side tabs.

After the glue was dry, I closed up the bottom of the box by folding in the flaps.  Since my soap was not heavy at all, I did not glue the bottom of the box.

I'm not actually left handed, but my camera does not have a timer, so here's a video to better see how to put these Halloween treat boxes together.

When making treat boxes, I like to use cardstock because it's much sturdier than paper.  This particular cardstock was in a Fall themed cardstock pad that I picked up from Michael's.

I just love these Halloween treat boxes!  But I love gift packaging in general.  I'll also be making Thanksgiving and Christmas treat boxes with my Cricut Explore soon too.

If you decide to make these, I'd love to see how your's turn out.  Make sure to tag me on Instagram! Happy Halloweening!

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