This frozen mango green smoothie recipe is the perfect breakfast for a busy morning.

a mason jar with a frozen mango smoothie with banana and spinach

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 I love smoothies.  They are such an easy and healthy breakfast.  I love experimenting with different fruit combinations.  Today, I'm sharing this frozen mango green smoothie recipe with you.
I'm always proud of myself when I pick a smoothie, especially a green smoothie, over my standard cup o' joe in the morning.  I like my coffee sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet and creamy!  And frequently a cup of coffee (or 4) is my breakfast.  I'm trying to make healthy breakfast smoothies part of my morning habits.

a mason jar with a green breakfast smoothie

2 months ago, I actually made it a whole week with having several green smoothies everyday.  I lost a whole jean size during that time šŸ™‚  Thank goodness too, because I fully indulged in all of the Holiday goodies.
ingredient to make a green breakfast smoothie - coconut water, frozen mango, banana, and spinach
I really love this mango green smoothie.  The mango is definitely the dominant flavor - it doesn't taste "green" at all.  Even though fresh, ripe mango is super delicious, frozen mango tastes pretty good and is very convenient.  Plus, did you know you can get frozen mango at Dollar Tree?  
pouring coconut water into a blender for a frozen mango smoothie with banana and spinach
It only takes about a minute to throw frozen mango, a banana, a handful of greens, and to pour coconut water into a blender.  Another 45 second blending on high speed and my smoothie is ready to enjoy.  
For my smoothies, I almost always use at least one frozen fruit, so I never add ice.  I also like to use almond milk, but coconut water is definitely my favorite.  
a mason jar with an easy breakfast smoothie made with mango, banana and spinach

More Yummy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

What goes into your breakfast smoothie?

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a mason jar with a frozen mango smoothie with banana and spinach
a mason jar with an easy breakfast smoothie made with mango, banana and spinach

Mango Green Smoothie recipe


  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen mango
  • 2 cups fresh greens - spinach, kale, chard, or a combination
  • 10 oz. coconut water


    1. Place banana, mango, and greens into a blender.
    2. Pour coconut water over other ingredients.
    3. Blend on high speed for roughly 45 seconds, or until smooth
    4.  Pour into a cup and enjoy!

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  1. It is really good to know that you are trying to make smoothies part of your morning habit. Itā€™s quite difficult but I am sure youā€™ll definitely get success at it. I also take Green energy drinks regularly. Veggies, either frozen or canned are great low-calorie food choices.

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